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What is a generic drug?

Many of our clients are interested in “What is a generic drug”? As Wikipedia says, a generic is a drug that is sold under an international non-proprietary name, or under a patent-pending name that differs from the brand name of the drug developer. Generic drugs are commonly referred to as drugs, the active substance of which has expired patent protection, or patent-protected drugs that are issued under a compulsory license. Usually, generics do not differ in their effectiveness from “original” drugs, but they are significantly cheaper, so supporting the production of generic drugs and replacing “original” branded drugs with them is one of the strategic goals of the World Health Organization in providing access to medical care.

Best Generics at a Low Price!

In Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy you can buy generic drugs online at a low price. We work online, thus saving our customers time and money.

In modern medicine, generics allow you to achieve excellent results in the treatment of various diseases, including erectile dysfunction. Who prefers generics? First of all, these are people who want to buy high-quality medications and save significant amount of money. Generics are most commonly used in Canada and the United States, where most doctors and patients increasingly prefer generics to original branded drugs. Along with this, more and more generics are gaining popularity in European countries, where most doctors prescribe generic medications to their patients, instead of original medicines. This technique effectively saves the medical budgets of different countries, which makes huge sums that, instead of paying for original medicines, go for medical treatment and procedures for citizens whose budget does not allow using expensive medical products for treatment and expensive rehabilitation procedures.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy sells generics and makes a part of a system that supports the use of generics. We hope that this will lead to the fact that manufacturers of original drugs, due to the active competitive dynamics of generic manufacturers, will seek ways to reduce the cost of branded drugs. Therefore, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy makes its contribution to the development of modern medical products and technologies. We only sell quality and proven generics!

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